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Shutters & Blinds by JD Designs is an Atlanta owned and operated family business with over 20 years of experience customizing in custom window decor.

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Woven Wood Shade



Woven Wood Shade

Roman Shades.jpg
Roman Shades.jpg

Woven Wood Shade


We guarantee terrific quality, excellent service and the best prices!

You will be amazed at how our Premium Bamboo blinds will transform your room. Feng Shui you say? Well, the natural light that is filtered through the openings creates gentle patterns and will keep you in sync with your surroundings. And the experience as you receive the discount bamboo shades should be peaceful as well.

These bamboo roman shades are fabricated using matchstick bamboo, bamboo slats, rattan, jute, grass, reeds, and woven woods. All natural yet environmentally friendly, you will be able to add an earthy rustic appeal to any room of your home with these window treatments.

Cleaning of our bamboo window blinds is a snap; use a common feather duster to swipe over the slats for removing dust. If you feel the need for heavier cleaning, you can use a brush attachment for the vacuum cleaner to sweep over the slats. Be careful not to expose these exotic bamboo window shades to too much moisture unless it is weather treated as it can damage the finish of the shade. Also, never use household cleaners or citrus based cleansers on these discount bamboo blinds because those types of cleaners are too harsh.

To keep prices extremely reasonable on this line we offer limited options; however, if you prefer versatility, see our Platinum, Signature and Designer bamboo shades that offer edge banding, top-down control, and many other features. 90+ styles in all.

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Depth/Mounting considerations:
Inside Mounting: 1/2" Minimum depth required. 2" required for a flush mount.
Outside mounting surface necessary: 1/2"

Please note a 1/2" standard deduction on the width of your shade is taken on inside mounted applications.